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November 8, 2007
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The Mummy Returns' Tattoo by griffarion The Mummy Returns' Tattoo by griffarion
After looking around for screen shots, or someone elses drawings, I found none.

I watched the movie, and came up with the best rendition i could (none of the shots are very clear)

Someone else pointed out that Alex O'Connel (the boy) mentions that the tattoo has "kings" represented on it. They also proceeded to mention that they saw no signs of kings. They later commented taht the kings "MUST be the king cobras..." (misquoted I'm sure) While this is a valid observation, My proposal is this: If you watch closely (and know what you're looking at through blurred images), you will see that the two cobras are wearing the two distinctly different crowns (that were later made into one crown) that were worn by the north and south kingdoms (respectively) of ancient Egypt. Thus making the king cobras, Kings in and of themselves.

Another interesting note: The "all seeing eye" depicted within the triangle (assumedly a pyramid) is an interesting myopic combination of the eye of Horus and the eye of Isis.

Later Ardeth Bay (the madjii) speaks a rather cryptic phrase to Rick O'Connell which sounds like it may have origins in Freemasonry (though That is entirely speculative, and I have nothing to back that claim.-- Except a few far reaching hypothosies made in The Hiram Key, written by Robert Lomas)

This is a work in progress, I will continue tweaing it until I feel it is perfect... so check back.
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For those of you who have praised my artwork, obviously the previous comment was not directed at you. I do not understand people who feel the need to bash other's artwork. If you don't like something, just move on. No one is forcing you to look at my art or make a comment. I also find it interesting that the person who made the flaming comments, subsequentially blocked me...


To the rest of you, THANK YOU for all your love and kind words.

1) Do your homework; the Freemasons are not connected to the Illuminati.

2) IF you had done your homework you would know that the all-seeing eye is a symbol used by many different faiths and organizations, whoever told you that the All Seeing Eye is limited to Satan, also needs to do their homework.

3) Also IF you had done your homework you would further know that the All Seeing Eye, as used by Freemasons represents the divine presence in all that we undertake. It reminds us that as believers in a Supreme being that we are responsible and will be held accountable for all of our actions.

4) Yes my artwork is full of Masonic symbolism. I myself am a Freemason- And I am not, let me repeat this so it will get through your uneducated skull, AM NOT a Devil worshipper, in any stretch of the definition. Who or what I DO worship is none of your concern. It is between me and my creator. Although, if you would like to have an Educated DISCUSSION, I would LOVE to start a private message with you. I have no problems discussing my faith, or why it is right for me. I have done my homework and researched MANY different religions, but I am also willing to admit I do not know everything about them all. The only reason that I would rather discuss such topics within the confines of a private message is because I feel that ALL discussions of religion should be held within non-public venues. It allows all parties to feel safe and not threatened to express their views. (Note: Discussion here implies a friendly discourse, not intended to cast judgment or convert ANYONE involved in said discourse)

5) In order to become a Freemason, we only ask that you believe in a higher power. We do not care what that higher power is, that is between you and the divine being you answer to. The only matter is that you believe there is something out there to which you will have to answer to, something greater than yourself that guides you in your life. Because of the nature of the teachings of Freemasonry, it is less than likely that you would find a "True" Devil/Satan Worshiper; our lessons would clash with a Satanist's world view, and way of interacting with the world. They would feel very uncomfortable in most lodges.

5) Freemasons do not worship the devil (A fact you would know if you did your homework, or spoke with a Mason before revealing your ignorance to the world)

6) IF you had done your homework, you would know, that in this particular piece of work, the design is taken directly from a MOVIE; a piece of FICTION that associates the design with the god Ra of Ancient Egypt, with whom the Pharaoh’s claimed a direct lineage. Therefore, as used in this particular piece of work/ fiction, the All Seeing Eye immediately represents the Pharaoh, who would have had dominion over all that he saw, all that was his kingdom. His people would have believe that he saw EVERYTHING because he WAS a direct descendant of the Gods (or in some cases, a direct Re-incarnation of the Sun-God Ra Himself--Much like Christians believe Jesus was the DIRECT Incarnation of their God).

7) If you dislike someone's artwork, that is your right and privilege, however, you do not need to flame their artwork in an attempt to make yourself feel better or sound more intelligent. Honestly, by flaming someone, you make yourself out to be an utter Jack-Hole, and show just how ignorant you truly are.

BladeDayBreak Jun 22, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
This is very nicely made :) I myself have the Eye of Horus tattooed on my hand, but this looks so amazing
all of your artwork is full of illuminati......all devil worshipping shit
you do know the all seeing eye is a sign of the illuminati......its is the eye of the devil, therefore a sign used to worship satan himself......
prjctwolf Oct 21, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
when you get it perfect i would like to buy it off of you... i have been seeking it myself.. i want that tattoo...
Though I do appreciate the offer, and the acknowledgment of the time I have invested in re-creating this piece... Thank you.
It is not my design to sell (I hijacked it from the movie), but when I have it to a respectable state, I will gladly pass it along to you for your personal use. I'm honestly surprised there aren't more renditions of this particular piece out there...
nice i like it..
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